About Me

My name is Sara Ash.  Three-time National medalist. I have won over 100 tournament medals, more than half of which were won at the 5.0 skill level. I based in beautiful Phoenix, AZ, and co-authored several e-books about pickleball.  My passion to deliver a high-quality teaching program have taken me from Arizona to Alaska, Minnesota, Portland, and many cities between. In addition to two-day Pickleball Camps, I conduct with my doubles partner, Steve Wong, I teaches a variety of clinics. How to Play Winning Pickleball and Have Fun, Speedball, Preparing for Tournament Pickleball, and Video-Based Pickleball Assessment/Training.

“Play with Purpose” is my pickleball mantra for two reasons.  First of all, the phrase represents the primary focus of my pickleball training programs.  Too many players hit the ball as if they were swatting flies – they swing at their target with the sole objective of hitting it.  When swatting flies we don’t really care about the direction the poor fly takes after you hit it.  But in pickleball, where the ball does after contact is critically important.   Each and every time you swing at a ball, you should have a target in mind in terms of where you want that ball to land after making contact.  Once you know how to target your shots and hit those targets with regularity, you’re on your way to becoming a great pickleball player.  This is the central element of how you “play with purpose” on the court.

Your opponents are likely to be strategically positioned on the court so they can have the best chance of returning your shots.  To win points you must be able to “target” your shots between your opponents, down the sidelines, at their feet or over their heads.  This is why you should have a target in mind for every shot you take.  To play winning pickleball you will need to keep your “eye and the ball” while your brain focuses on where as well as how you hit the ball (with power, spin, a soft touch, etc.).  To be a good pickleball player, you will need to train both your body and your brain.  My training programs can help achieve these objectives, in a way that recognizes the physical strengths and weaknesses of each individual.  You will learn about alternative pickleball playing strategies as well as develop the critical skills you will need to put those strategies into action.  Whether you’re planning to play in tournaments or for other reasons, being able to play well is important because pickleball truly is more fun when played well.  Being able to play well is important so you can enjoy the game with others of all ages and skill levels.



In 2023, I had the pleasure of playing the first season for (NPL) the Arizona Pickleball League on Tuesday Night Pickleball at the Orchard. Our team, the Stingers, did not make the playoffs but I had a blast playing both Mixed and Women’s Doubles.  I even had the honor of hitting the serve that initiated play in this pro league. The picture below captures the moment just before I made that first serve along with some additional pictures from our first season.