Private Lessons & Group lessons

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Video-Based Assessment/Training

If you’re looking for a low-cost assessment of your skills to establish where you need to focus your development and receive some helpful feedback, this is a great way to start.  Players often don’t understand what they’re doing wrong and/or where to start a customized development program.  You might be fairly new to pickleball or you might be an intermediate player who wants to “fine tune” their game.  This combination of video-based assessment with immediate feedback, when combined with some timely coaching from a Pro player, might be exactly what you need.  You will receive your video-based assessment during this 90-minute session and I can also send a copy of your video to you following the session. (If you have an iPhone or iPad devises).  You can bring along some friends to play at your skill level but the video recording and feedback will be focused only on you.  Contact me for cost of this 90-minute, video assessment and training session.

Three and Sara

This training program is most effective for Intermediate and High Intermediate players who want to improve their performance by playing with and against me (Sara) in a game environment. I will coach one student at a time during the game on all relevant aspects as they occur – for example, targeting, positioning on the court, how/when to reset points, how/when to create offensive opportunities, etc. Coaching can take place during points, immediately following points, and during breaks taken between games. After each game, the players rotate to provide myself with a new partner and so forth. For this training format to be most successful, it’s important for all three players to be at the same approximate skill level. Playing with a great partner can teach you how to become one.

4:1 – Group of Four
How to Play Winning Pickleball and Have Fun

This intensive ninety-minute training session focuses on developing the skills that critical to playing winning pickleball.  I will explains, demonstrates, and coaches only four players per session to ensure each player receives the personal attention they need to really step-up their game.  This training program is most appropriate for low to mid-level Intermediate players and typically covers a wide-range of shots including, serves, and return of serves, third-shot drops, third-shot drives, block volleys and punch volleys.


Speed ball is a fast-paced training program that features skill development in areas that can be requested by the students.  The program consists of three 30-minute segments, each of which focuses are sharpening just two or three skills.  First, I will demonstrate the shots that will be the focus of that 30-minute training segment, answers any questions, and then leads a competition that requires students to use the shots they just watched that I demonstrate.  When one of the doubles teams loses a point in the competition, they quickly move to a sideline as another doubles team takes their place – thus, this training program is designed for six players, possessing mid- to high-Intermediate skills.  At the conclusion of each segment, the students rest and re-hydrate while I provides personal feedback and coaching.

Preparing for Tournament Pickleball

Finding success at pickleball tournaments playing doubles requires more than two motivated players who have only played at the recreational level.  This training program is led by me, I was three time national medalist and has more than 100 tournament medals – more than half of which were won at the 5.0 level.  This training program will help players to:

  • Develop a winning strategy that maximizes individual strengths, while minimizing their weaknesses as partners.
  • Establish a method of communication to coordinate the partner’s play regarding poaching, covering lobs, and switching, returning shots hit between the partners, etc.
  • Explore the usefulness of stacking, half-stacking, and other tactics to coordinate the movement of partners on the court during tournament play.
  • Appreciate how and when to use time-outs to adjust the team’s tactics and turn the momentum of a game

For cost of this 90-minute training program per player when conducted for two doubles partners at a time a time, please contact me.