Sara Ash

Sara was born in the mountains.

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Sara Ash
The Two-Day Blast Pickleball Camp

My tournament mixed doubles partner Steve Wong (who is a six-time, national champion) and I conduct a two-day private pickleball camp called the Blast.  We chose that name because that’s what you will have while taking your game to the next level.  You will receive hands on learning with drills, games, video feedback, and play with the Pros.  You will learn: dynamic dinking, effective shot selection, spin serves, third shot drops and drives, punch and drop volleys, offensive lobbing, as well as winning strategies and tactics.  We will also cover a wealth of tournament secrets and tips we have learned by winning over 400 tournament medals between us.  You will enjoy at least five hours of training each day and receive a free gift and snacks.  Please contact me for the cost of this training program.