Q&A – What is Shading?

I was recently asked about the meaning of the pickleball term, “shading.” This refers to the coordinated movement of doubles partners as they anticipate a shot from their opponents. Doubles partners should move together on the court. If one partner moves forward to the no-volley line, the other should join them as soon as possible – if not move together at the same time. The same coordinated movements made to one side of the court or the other is called “shading.” For example, if you hit a cross-court shot that moves your opponent off the court on the right side of the court, both you and your partner should move over toward the right side of the court to cover a likely shot down the right sideline.
When conducting training, I sometimes use string and elastic bands to tie partners together. This really lets them know when they don’t move together because they will feel the “tug” around their waists.

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