Q&A – Should I look Back?

The vast majority of the time, you should keep your eyes focused forward on your opponents and their movements. But you need to also help your partner make line calls. In this picture, you can see my partner has turned to look back and help me to make the call as to whether the ball is in or out, so I can concentrate only on hitting the ball.
When your opponents’ hit shots that come very close to hitting out of bounds, you should turn your head so you can be prepared to make out-of-bound calls. When shots are hit very close to lines, your partner needs to focus on hitting ball. Sometimes it can be difficult to clearly observe where the ball lands and hit it to execute a good shot. Your partner will thank you for making the out-of-bounds call so they can focus of hitting the ball. (Communication is the key).
Be sure to make your out-of-bounds call immediately after the ball strikes the ground. If you’re looking back and notice a “close call” ball actually lands in bounds, be sure to quickly turn back to re-focus on your opponents so they don’t catch you “with your paddle down” or not being ready to return their next shot. So you can look back – but very briefly.

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